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black nor white or latino or asian, but rather, problems that confront us all. >> sean: who is the real barack obama, tucker? two very different people. >> speaking different language, different cadences, difference accent, different gestures. the falseness is overwhelming. whether it's a southern accent or an asian accent tdoesn't matter. he is playing a role in one of these cases. i assume in the hampton speech, he is putting on a persona he doesn't normally up on to pander to the crowd. but who knows. either way, it's a remarkable exhibit of falseness on display. there is no other explanation -- i would say this about any politicians? >> i go back to al gore, he went before a predominantly african-american audience and went into preacher mode and the republicans have the wrong agenda -- they don't even want to count nut census. hillary did the same thing herself. but we have -- we have the accent. we have anger. they don't care as much about you. also -- [overlapping dialogue] >> not to our neighborhoods. >> sean: so, what do you conclude? >> look, i conclude that this -- well, i am
in the latino and among the 18 to 29-year-old voters. they are just not enthusiastic at all about him. the president has got to get himself up above 50 and the strategy that he has adopted i think is unlikely to get him there. >> sean: we will get to that you mentioned that in your column today. first of all started with some of the swing states. how confident are you that florida north carolina, indiana, they turn blue to red. >> i would add virginia into that as well. republicans are well poised to take colorado and new hampshire today. >> and florida? florida, north carolina and virginia are in the republic camp and becoming more so virtually every day and particularly if you take a look at the early vote in florida. banking more votes but banking more people less likely to vote. that is to say more of the democrat early vote in most of these states. ohio for example, 42% of the early vote that the democrats are banked are people who have voted in three out of the last four elections. those are the people who are going to vote no matter what. what you want to be focused on is you w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)